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Providing With Superior Security Solutions

Imperium Security was born through the understanding of the unique risks associated with modern day living. As Security is not a tangible expense, when a loss arises, either financial or reputational it is always too late. This situation has left the security industry flooded with below standard security offerings. At Imperium Security we believe your choice in security provider is of utmost importance. Imperium Security will be pleased to offer any or a mix of the below services for all your security requirements

Our Services

Ai Technology

Artificial Intelligence

AI is changing the game for security surveillance. With the current developments in Artifical Intelligence, analyzing massive quantities of risk data can speed response times and augment security operations to increase effectiveness. Utilizing customized AI software developed for Imperium Security we can gather information deemed a risk and react immediately, preventing a crime before it occurs.
Close Protection

Close Protection

Bodyguards have often received a false reputation due to movies and the public imagination. Better known as Close Protection Officers, bodyguards can be covert (undercover), overt (visible) or behind the scenes making your life easier or reducing a threat. Close Protection Officers (CPO’s) may act alone or in a team, depending on the requirements. A large part of Close Protection is the behind the scenes work which include reconnaissance and intelligence gathering. If you feel you would like to explore the option of a CPO or a protection team or have a current requirement please do not hesitate to contact us. You may never know the risk until it’s too late.

Security Patrols

Private security patrols offer several advantages over traditional security measures. Unlike static security systems that rely solely on technology, patrols provide a human presence that can adapt to changing circumstances. This personal touch instills confidence in residents and deters potential intruders. Moreover, patrols can quickly respond to incidents, minimizing the risk of property damage or theft.
Home Security

EagleEye Monitoring

Having eyes 24/7 where bodies cannot be has changed the playing field for security operations worldwide. Imperium is proud to offer our London based remote monitoring service. Giving you the eyes needed for 24/7 peace of mind

Residential and Community Security

London has started to follow the international trend of increasing crime in suburban areas. While new to many areas of the United Kingdom, it is not new to us. At Imperium Security we have various solutions in place for residential and community security. The crime rate increase cannot be stopped, due to various factors. It can however be avoided and deflected away from your residence and community.

What Sets Us Apart

Bespoke Solutions

Imperium understands that not all client needs are the same and we are confident that we can create the perfect bespoke solution for your individual needs.

24/7 Communication

The nature of Security Services is not hour specific and thus clients require a 24/7 service no matter what service they subscribe to. At Imperium we understand this and pride ourselves on accommodating our clients, above and beyond with immediate communication and response.

Our Fleet

Imperium boasts a fleet of branded and security equipped vehicles at the disposal of our clients' needs. The presence of the security vehicles is a valuable deterrent to be used.

Emergency Help

We do not have cristal balls, and nor do our clients. Therefore we are always prepared to assist and respond in emergencies. We are here to help, any time any day, for a both clients and non clients.

Advance Technology

Technologies are an amazing tool to be used to advance any security service. At Imperium we understand the fast paced changing landscape of the technological world, and thus, keep our finger on the pulse to always update and offer clients the best that they deserve.

Licensed Officer

All Security Officers employed by Imperium Security Ltd. are up to date with the latest licensing required by law, allowing our client to rest assured in the service that they are receiving.

Our Partners

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