On-site Guarding

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Mobile Guarding

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Remote Guarding

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Imperium Emergency Responder

Protect your home, loved ones and business. Imperium’s Emergency Responder App gives you critical instant access to our Patrol and Rapid Reaction Service 24/7. The Imperium Control Centre will handle your emergency situations by calling the Police and/or Ambulance Service if…..

Residential and Community Security

London has started to follow the international trend of increasing crime in suburban areas. While new to many areas of the United Kingdom, it is not new to us. At Imperium Security we have various solutions in place for residential and community security…..

Close Protection

Bodyguards have often received a false reputation due to movies and the public imagination. Better known as Close Protection Officers, bodyguards can be covert (undercover), overt (visible) or behind the scenes making your life easier or reducing a threat. Close Protection Officers (CPO’s) may act alone or in a team, depending on the requirements…..

Artificial Intelligence

AI is changing the game for security surveillance. With the current developments in Artificial Intelligence, analyzing massive quantities of risk data can speed response times and augment security operations to increase effectiveness…..

EagleEye Monitoring

Delays in response time from the police, ambulance or your security response team may be critical. Remove the delay and receive an instant notification and response, giving you 24/7 peace of mind with Imperium’s EagleEye Monitoring Service…..

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Role of a Security Guard

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Crowd Control

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Powers of Arrest

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Patrol Techniques

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Use of Force

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First Aid

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